A New York jewelry company, founded by British Designer Jayne Moore, TER is a brand of contradictions. Much of the work is a product of weathered nature or freehand error, and it was important that this was communicated in the logo. Standing for ’Thorn of an English Rose’, the brands identity juxtaposes a raw, earthy and unpredictable character, with a refined, high end elegance. Using the base of a traditional serif font, and layering it with splashes and ink spills, some tangled like branches and roots, it fuses the brand elements, deconstructing and urbanizing what is a pretty simple initial. The font used for the byline, Thorn of an English Rose, brings back that elegant whimsical essence of a fine jewelry brand.

Date: September 15, 2015
Category: Branding, Logo, Graphic Design
Tags: TER, Jewelry, Branding, Identity, Raw, Earthy, Elegant

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