My name is Ragnhild Jevne. I’m a Norwegian, freelance graphic designer and illustrator and my career has flung me from Italy to New York to London to Paris. My design mindset is as multifaceted as my background. As a creative thinker, I pride myself on the ability to transform dreams and lofty concepts into graphical, practical solutions. I do so without losing the imaginative art that I believe makes a graphic designer worth that title.

With a BA in industrial design from Milano, Italy where I lived for 5 years, I’ve also traveled the world working freelance. Now I am based out of NYC. It’s also here I moved into graphic design after a year at SVA. Last year I also took my first steps as an artist. My work can be seen here: https://ragnhildjevnestudio.com/

With an eye for detail, bold ideas, smart design concepts, and a passion for fine typography, I consider myself a product of Scandinavian style, Italian flair, and a traveler’s imagination.

Ragnhild Jevne © 2017